It Sure Looked Like Spurs Commentator Sean Elliot Drew A Giant Throbbing Dick On The Telestrator Last Night

by 3 years ago

The San Antonio Spurs and their fundamental, flashless style of play can get a bit snoozy. Leave it to former NBA champion and current Spurs TV analyst to liven up the party by drawing a nice meaty cock ‘n balls on your screen during the third quarter of the Spurs-Hornets game.

The bros and broettes over at Uproxx pointed out that Elliot was experiencing technical difficulties with his microphone, as it was periodically cutting out, and his frustration may have spurred the artist in him.

The Reddit thread commemorating the incident is spectacularly entertaining–with comments ranging from “ballsy move” to “excellent penetration” to “dick humor will never not be funny.” All statements that I endorse.

The question of whether or not Elliot meant to draw the penis or he was attempting to draw up the NBA-equivalent of the Annexation of Puerto Rico is erroneous because it’s unequivocally  a dick. There wasn’t one person in America who was watching this last night and didn’t think “Oh look, a flesh rocket!” Not one.

C- work though, Sean. Add a fucking vein if you call yourself a professional.

[h/t Uproxx]

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