Sean Weatherspoon Found An Uncashed Game Check While Moving That Was Worth So Much Money

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons


Its been quite the offseason for linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, and it just got a hell of a lot better after he just found an uncashed game check while he was moving, putting us all to shame with how stoked we get after finding a few bucks in our couch cushions while cleaning.

Weatherspoon, who’s a former first-round pick out of Missouri, recently signed with his original team, the Atlanta Falcons, and was, presumably, moving from Arizona back to the Dirty South when his wife found the check.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how much a game check for Weatherspoon would have been, the dude made about $2.4 million with the Cardinals last season, means a game check would have been for about $138,000.

If only all of us could have this kind of luck while moving our shit around.

[H/T NY Daily News]