This Dude’s Fighting A MASSIVE Fish When Suddenly A Shark Decides It Wants The Fish More. Filed Under: NOPE

by 3 years ago

Often times when you’re engrossed in a battle with one of the sea’s most powerful creatures that fight comes down to who wants it more, the fish or the angler. The angler of course has an unfair advantage in the form of modern technology (rod, reel, high-strength fishing line, etc), but the fish is at home in the sea and can get wrapped up in all sorts of underwater obstructions that might break the line off, or the fish might have sharp enough teeth to just saw right through the monofilament.

The flip side of the angler’s advantage is when the ocean’s apex predator decides it wants an easy meal, when a shark says ‘fuck it, I’m eating that fish that appears to be in serious distress’ and swoops in for a quick lunch. When the shark wants your fish, and I mean REALLY WANTS YOUR FISH, the game is over and that shark is going to get the easy meal. This is the way of the ocean.

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