Softball Coach Allegedly Brought In A Porn Star To Council His Players On How To Become Porn Stars

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New details surrounding a lawsuit filed against Nyack College in New York’s Rockland County allege that former softball coach at the Christian school, Kurt Ludwigsen (44), tried to turn his players into porn stars by bringing in porn star Allie Haze and subjecting his players to life counseling from her. And not only did he allegedly try and flip his players into becoming porn stars but the allegations also claim that he would routinely force the girls to sit on their laps, and touch them inappropriately (slapping butts, grabbing boobs).

According to reports one time Kurt Ludwigsen, the softball coach at an ALL Christian school, forced one of the players to stand there while he ‘ear fucked’ her, which meant that he made her stand still while he licked her ear as some form of punishing.

The New York Post reports:

Kurt Ludwigsen, 44, was arrested in April for improper sexual conduct with his Nyack College players. Lawsuits filed Friday by three of them charge he would routinely slap their butts, grab their breasts and make them sit on his lap.
“I am going to ear f–k you. This is your punishment. You are going to stand here and take it,” Ludwigsen told a pitcher after she lost a game in March 2015, according to her Manhattan federal court lawsuit. “Ludwigsen then began to lick [her] ear. When [she] tried to pull away, Ludwigsen held her tighter and said, ‘Stop moving. I told you that you are going to stand here and take it.’ ”
The suits also accuse Ludwigsen of “inviting Haze to practice and directing students to life counselling sessions with her.”
Ludwigsen had Haze — star of such films as “Secretary’s Day 4” and “Lesbians Unchained” — advise his players during a practice and also required the entire team to attend a question-and-answer session with her at the coach’s home, the suit states.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that when these girls enrolled in a Christian College both them (and their parents) probably never envisioned a future that involved in-home life counseling from a porn star who’s famous for Lesbians Unchained and Screwing Wall Street.

The NYPost was also able to get a report on porn star Allie Haze reacting to the news that her name is being thrown around in the lawsuit:

The adult-film actress Allie Haze — star of such classics as “Backdoor Baddies,” and “Screwing Wall Street” — is being condemned in court papers as proof of Nyack College coach Kurt Ludwigsen’s “outrageous conduct.”
“I’m really surprised to read this . . . and feel like [nobody] was offended by my presence,” said Haze.
The coach invited the porn star to campus and his New Jersey home to speak to his players and “directed the conversation to focus primarily on her sexual history,” according to papers filed in Manhattan federal court.
The players claimed the creepy coach implied they should quiz Haze, 28, about her sexual experience. “If those girls were under those assumptions, I feel bad,” Haze told The Post. She said she focused mainly on female empowerment and relationships.

If anyone out there reading this went to (or goes to) Nyack College and has some insight they could drop that isn’t available in the press yet I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say down below in the comments!

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