Someone Finally Asked The Question America Wants To Hear At the RNC This Afternoon

by 4 years ago

It’s 2016. We are a nation divided. We are plagued with questions. Should AR-15s be banned? What is the role of immigration in America, a country of immigrants?Should marijuana be nationally legalized? How will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton’s proposed trade agreements effect jobs here in the United States? Would Harambe have enjoyed Pokemon GO? Could he have caught them all?

Yet an unanswered question remains. Today one brave soul finally had the balls to ask it on America’s biggest political stage, the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. It’s nice to see *real* issues finally getting tackled at the RNC.


That’s supposed to be an *an, but we’ll let it slide. Bless this brave, brave man.

It’s time both Hillary and Donald take a side on the Joe Flacco debate that’s ripping our nation apart.

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