What If A Real Sports Announcer Called Glitches In FIFA And Madden Video Games?

by 10 months ago

We’ve told you a lot over the last few months about Bob Menery, the man with the golden sports announcing voice. It’s a shame he hasn’t been recruited by ESPN or Fox Sports for a paycheck yet, but what can you do? Can’t go putting Joe Buck out of business just because you have better announcing pipes than him. We featured him on the @BroBible Instagram earlier this summer in a video that blew up across the Internet. Let’s hope he gets that announcing job he deserves soon.

In the meantime, Bob passed us a video of him “calling” viral sports glitches in EA’s FIFA and MADDEN video game franchises. It’s the most entertaining thing I’ve watched today.

THIS IS AMAZING, GIVE HIM A JOB @nbcsports @foxsports @espn

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