Dude Has A Perfect Sports Announcer Voice…Here He Is Saying Things Sports Announcers Wish They Could Say

Bob Menery is the man. We featured him on the @BroBible Instagram last month in a video that blew up (you can see that below). Bob’s been gifted with the voice of a sports announcer. There’s no beating around the bush here, the man’s got a perfect voice and he is destined to be hanging in the booth during a sports broadcast at some point in his life, this is known.

The largest obstacle sports announcers have when working for the major networks is staying impartial. this is something I’d never be capable of if I were ever forced to call a game for one of my teams. I’d be dropping F bombs like it was my job in life and throwing microphones after the first fumble. Thankfully for me, I was born with a shit ass voice that sounds like two parrots being squeezed through a meat grinder so I’ll never have to worry about someone hiring me for my voice skills.

For the video above, Bob Menery is imagining what life would be like if sports announcers were allowed to say what they really wanted to say…And here’s that video I mentioned below, the one from Bob that went viral in early July:

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