Lucky AF Sports Gambler Put $2 On Two Absurd Super Bowl Bets And Won Over 550 Times The Money

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Sports gambling is one of those things that I am absolutely, positively pathetic at. As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m talented at some things in life, but, seeing as how I’ve never won a damn dime while sports gambling, it’s clear that it’s not something I should even try again. Maybe it’s because I over-think things too much, or maybe it’s just really, really bad luck? Either way, I’m not interested in pissing my money away by taking a bet on a game I can’t compete in myself.

That doesn’t mean that other people don’t gamble on sports, though, with plenty of people winning a ton of money by doing simple little bets. Hell, in Super Bowl 53 alone, we saw a guy win $100,000 after he put $250 on the Rams to score just three points in the game — which is dope for that person — but I identify more with the dude who lost a cool $3.8 million after the Patriots beat the Rams.

While another lucky gambler didn’t win or lose that much, according to sports gambling site Bovada’s Twitter account, one person took home $1,132 on a two-leg parlay that initially cost just two bucks! Talk about low risk, high reward, right?

According to NBC Sports, via Bovada’s Twitter, a dude named Nate went big time on two incredibly unlikely bets, with the guy betting on both zero first-half touchdowns and Tom Brady’s first pass in Super Bowl 53 being picked off. Since some people have all the f*cking luck while sports gambling, of course the dude hit, earning over 550 times the money he put down.

Sure, there are people who suck at sports gambling (like me), or people who get sacked hard by losing millions (like the $3.8 million person), but, every so often, someone says “f*ck it” and goes big by betting on something that no one else thinks could ever happen; only to see it actually happen. And this one from Nate is one of the most impressive ones I’ve ever seen.

(H/T NBC Sports)

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