Sportsbooks See Basically No Difference Between Eli Manning And Daniel Jones

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Sportsbooks See No Difference Between Eli Manning And Daniel Jones

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With the not so unexpected news that rookie Daniel Jones will be taking over Eli Manning’s duties as the starting quarterback for the New York Giants, sportsbooks have… made no changes.

Considering the fact that just a few weeks ago we reported that Manning kills the Giants’ betting odds when he’s the starting quarterback, this isn’t all that surprising. Sad? Yes. Surprising? No.

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So far this season, the Giants are 0-2 and Manning sports the lowest QB rating since 2007 (78.7) after putting up the fourth best QB rating of his career in 2018 (92.4). In his career, Eli has completed 60.3 percent of his 8,016 passes for 56,287 yards, 361 touchdowns and 239 interceptions.

Jones, the Giants’ first round pick (sixth overall) this year (much to the chagrin of Giants fans), completed 59.9 percent of his 1,275 passes in three years at Duke for 8,201 yards, 52 touchdowns and 29 interceptions.

Prior to the switch at quarterback, the Giants were 6.5-point underdogs for this week’s game versus the Buccaneers.

After the switch, the Giants are… 6.5-point underdogs.

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Okay, okay… there was some movement with other sportsbooks.

Bovada changed the line on the Giants from +6.5 to… +7.

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So, will any of those teams being mentioned as potential destinations for Colin Kaepernick be interested in taking a flyer on the 38-year-old Manning? (I mean, besides John Elway.) He is a Manning after all.

Probably not, especially considering Eli probably doesn’t want to leave New Jersey.

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