Steph Curry Taking A Nap On The Sideline During The Fourth Quarter Last Night Was Gloriously Disrespectful

by 10 months ago

It’s truly amazing how the villain pendulum swings in the NBA. We’re not too far removed from fans burning LeBron jerseys for The Decision and people buying up those substitute gym teacher shoes Under Armour called the Curry 3’s. Since Durant joined the Warriors this offseason and solidified an already NBA Finals-ready squad into an undisputed NBA Finals favorite, fans started turning on the gluttonous Golden State team. Steph Curry’s laissez faire attitude began coming off as cocky and aloof and his mouthguard chewing became kind of infuriating. Draymond Green’s scorch the earth, us-against-the-world schtick certainly didn’t do them any favors. Zaza Pachulia still looks weird in a Golden State uniform. Bottom line, when you’ve yet to lose one game in the playoffs and you’re as effortlessly good as the Warriors, blue collar fans will start to resent you.

Baby-faced Steph Curry has embraced his role as a super villain, evident in him taking a snooze with his team up 12 points with 10 minutes left in the 4th.

As you may imagine, Curry’s antic was not received well by fans who just want to see a competitive fucking series.

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