Stig Severinsen Holds His Breath For 22 Minutes, Sets New Guinness World Record

by 7 years ago

Curious, I decided to do some research about pure oxygen. And by that I mean I looked at the YouTube comments and one person said, “Normal air contains about 21% oxygen. By inhaling pure oxygen, that provides about 5 times more oxygen content than in a normal breath. That might suggest that one can hold their breath close to 5 times longer if they inhale pure oxygen than if they inhale air. Can only hold your breath for 2 minutes? No problem – take some oxygen and you can hold it for 10 minutes. In all likelihood it's probably not a linear scale like that but either way, I honestly think that's bullshit.”

Such fucking bullshit. Although no one else using pure oxygen has beat this record, so it would seem he is, at the very least, the Lance Armstrong of holding his breath.

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