‘Street Soccer,’ Featuring Underground Soccer Legends Playing on the NYC Pavement, Is Pretty Dope

by 6 years ago

Back in the mid 2000's, current ESPN producer and Grantland writer David Jacoby was working for “ESPN Content Development,” a department that sounds more tiring out of the office (OMG YOU WORK FOR ESPN CONTENT DEVELOPMENT LET ME ASK YOU LIKE 44 QUESTIONS WITHOUT ONCE REMOVING THIS ANNOYING SMIRK FROM MY FACE #SUCHACOOLJOB) than in it. Via Jacoby himself:

A lot of ideas like Street Soccer were thrown around the office during that period and, as you can imagine, 99.9 percent of them were never pursued in earnest. Street Soccer was an exception.

Months after that declaration, Kevin and I made a “business trip” to Amsterdam in search of talent to film a Street Soccer pilot. What we learned while abroad was that legendary Dutch midfielder Edgar Davids had assembled a squad of the best street soccer players in the country named the Street Legends. After a return trip to Amsterdam (again, for business), Kevin and I made a deal to bring the Street Legends to New York for a weekend to take on the city's finest soccer players and put their abilities on display. 

The project was filmed–and apparently it was great success–but was never put on air, because why put something on air when you could just let it sit in post-production limbo for the rest of eternity? Thankfully though, Grantland now has a YouTube channel, meaning that they just post stuff and ESPN can't get that mad because Bill Simmons.

If you enjoyed this clip, be sure to check out the rest of the series here.  

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