Bro Bowls a Strike From the Front Door of a Bowling Alley. No, Really.

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Bowling is not my favorite pastime. I enjoy it about as much as someone who doesn’t care about a sport could. I always try my best because competition, but my form is deplorable. I take the ball and I literally employ a Mass (x) Velocity (=) DESTRUCTION methodology . I heave the fucking thing as far and as hard as I can IN THE AIR down the center of the lane and hope that the pins explode on impact. Sometimes it’s an effective method, when I’m drinking it’s not. That is how I roll. The guy in this video, however, does not bowl like me. Which means, he’s actually probably quite good at the sport and his arm probably hurts way less when he wakes up the next morning. And also, he’s a fuckin’ showoff.

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