Swag Up, Swag Down in 2010

by 9 years ago

My first ever post on BroBible was “The Best Swag in D-I Lax.” Of course, every year teams change up their look. I've decided to do a follow up on my first post and comment on some of the new looks teams are rocking this year. I haven't seen everyone's uniforms, but from what I have seen, here's a list of five teams who upped their swag in 2010, and five teams who lost some of it. The two lists are in no particular order. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Swag Down: 

1. Princeton Tigers Just when I get done saying how they actually made the Warrior Venom helmets look sick, they ditch them. On top of that, they're now wearing uniforms that look more like they belong to a street hockey team than a D-I lax team.

2. Albany Great Danes While Albany has potential to make some sick color combinations with purple and gold, they failed here. The jerseys are very plain, very boring, and very purple.

3. Penn State Nittany Lions There's not much stuff that Nike makes that comes out this bad, but the ice breaker jerseys that Penn State wears is just an ugly pattern. I don't like it, and haven't found many people that do.

4. Hofstra Pride The new jerseys have sort of an old-school feel to them. There's nothing wrong with old school at all, but these combos just aren't doing it for me as much as the 2009 unis did. However, this guy in the picture (Michael Hamilton) does have great flow.

5. Bryant Bulldogs Their jerseys from the 2009 season weren't necessarily anything special, but they sure beat what they have this year. I've never understood the stripe that goes along the bottom of a short. Unfortunately, I only saw these uniforms in a Lax.com video and couldn't find an image of them anywhere.

Swag Up:

1. Virginia Cavaliers Finally, they got rid of those Gait helmets! Whoever designed those things deserves to be fired because that is one of the worst designed pieces of sports equipment I've ever seen. I'm still not a fan of the actual jerseys, but UVa does look much better with the new buckets. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's why the guys in the picture are high-fiving.

2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish From what I can tell, they only got new home uniforms, but they look nice. Especially, in the new Arlotta Stadium ND just built.

3. Delaware Blue Hens I like the way they look in the all-gold unis. Except for that color change, it doesn't look like the jerseys changed at all, but it was still a very good color change.

4. Duke Blue Devils I know a lot of people thought Duke should've been included in the original Top 10 list but those Brine Diablo jerseys have that same “roller hockey team” effect that Princeton's new jerseys have. Thankfully, they got rid of those for 2010 and have nice, respectable lacrosse jerseys.

5. Denver Pioneers I know these jerseys are the same pattern as Hofstra's, but for some reason the maroon and gold just make it look better. Plus, this look is much better than what Denver had in 2009, so they definitely went up. Like I said, I haven't seen every team in 2010, so I realize there are probably some that should be on either list.

If you know of any other teams who upped or downed their swag for 2010, leave them in the comments.