Rumors Hit The Net That A Hall Of Fame WWE Diva Has Signed On To Do Porn

by 5 years ago
Tammy Lynn Sytch Sunny Vivid

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Take this with a grain of salt, but the Internet is abuzz with a rumor that WWE Hall of Famer and former Diva Tammy Lynn Sytch may have signed with adult film company Vivid Entertainment to do porn.

While this news would have meant a WHOLE LOT more about 10 or 15 years ago, WWE fans have short memories and apparently that fact that “The Original Diva” Sunny might be doing adult films has them flashing back in their minds to her glory days.


Front Row Brian, who has broken numerous MMA stories and a few WWE stories in the past, recently stated on the Wrestling Observer message board that WWE Hall of Famer Sunny may have signed a deal with adult film company Vivid.

Brian wrote:

“talk is Sunny signed a deal with Vivid to do full-blown hardcore porn. ..Being serious”

Despite the name, we shouldn’t take this Front Row Brian guy lightly. He was actually the one who broke the Jon Jones hit-and-run story, so he has a decent track record of late.

Also this apparently isn’t the first time Tammy Lynn Sytch has been in conversations with Vivid either as also reports that Sunny herself once stated that she had been in negotiations to do a three-movie package with Vivid a few years ago, but it didn’t happen.

They also point out that Sytch recently followed Vivid on Twitter, which of course, also could mean nothing other than she followed Vivid on Twitter.

The real question here is, if Sunny does end up doing adult films, what happens to her status as a WWE Hall of Famer? Triple H has already gone on record saying that Chyna’s foray into porn is pretty much the only reason she isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame and we know what that statement did to her already fragile mental state.

That issue aside, if this is true and Sunny has actually signed on with Vivid to shoot a few adult movies, can I get a “Hell Yeah?!” Ehh, probably not. How about a tepid, “Hmmm, okay, I guess?” Yeah, that seems more appropriate at this point.

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