A Minor League Baseball Game Devolved Into A Bench-Clearing Brawl After Pitcher Beans The Batter

I’ve written at length about how, despite how much I love baseball, half the reason I watch it is for those moments when the game devolves into violence. Sure, an actual nine-inning game of baseball is very entertaining, but give me a quick brawl or a errant change-up to the face and I’m hitting Twitter to tell my few followers how into the game I am, whether they¬†care about it or not.

So I’m really kind of upset that I missed this game between two minor league Texas teams. Granted, I’m not sure how a guy from Jersey even had any way to watch said game, but I’m just happy for the Internet. That batter got fucking beaned. Did he have to charge the mound? No, but thank the Lord he did. Fuck that dude up. There’s nothing better than when benches clear either. It shows camaraderie. If your boy gets buried under an avalanche of opposing players with no support from his teammates, win or lose, that guy’s a loser. Unless the reason he has no support is because he banged all their girlfriends. Then his dick is a winner, but he’s a scumbag.

[h/t TFM]