The 10 Funniest Drunk NFL Football Player Photos of 2010

by 7 years ago

Brian Brohm — QB, Buffalo Bills

Back before the draft, it was a question of who would be better: Brian Brohm from Louisville or Matt Ryan from Boston College. Looks like that was settled pretty fast. Now if the real debate was who partied harder, Brohm might actually win. The Buffalo QB has completed more beer bongs than passes during his young career.

Ben Patrick — TE, Arizona Cardinals

Usually when you're a starting player for an NFL team, hot tail comes easy. Here it's pretty evident that being the starting tight end isn't so attractive to the ladies.

Kyle Orton — QB, Denver Broncos

Kyle Orton was known for his good accuracy during his tenure with the Chicago Bears. Those talents apparently don't relate to his drinking, as getting the beer in the mouth appears to be a problem for Neck Beard. Now that he has been benched for Jesusback Tim Tebow, he has accomplished his greatest feat: convincing Tebow to turn the sideline water to Jack Daniels.

Sean Payton — Head Coach, New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints' Super Bowl party probably still hasn't ended, and sometimes this year they play like they are still hungover. After all this partying, Sean Payton's liver is starting to look like it got hit by a hurricane.

Trevor Laws — DT, Philadelphia Eagles

The only thing this former 2nd-round pick loves more than Steel Reserve? Getting paid more money than DeSean Jackson to sit on the bench.


Chris Long — DE, St. Louis Rams

Fun Fact: Chris Long as an infant appeared in an anti-drinking PSA with his Hall of Fame dad Howie Long. Child stars always take the bad road.

Aaron Rodgers — QB, Green Bay Packers

When Aaron Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre for three years, you never heard about things he did off the field. When he finally became a starter, he started dating country music stars, swimsuit models, and ESPN personalities. I guess the perks of being the starter are real. Unless you start for the Carolina Panthers.

Rex Grossman — QB, Washington Redskins

Rex Grossman doesn't even pick himself in a fantasy draft on Madden. For some reason, though, Mike Shanahan thought it would be a brilliant idea to make him the starting QB. You can only assume he's trying to get fired.

Ben Roethlisberger — QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger likes riding his motorcycle without a helmet, scrambling for his life behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, and having sex without permission. What can you say? The man lives on the edge.

Chad Greenway — LB, Minnesota Vikings

If I had to play for Brad Childress, and play with Brett Favre I would drink on a nightly basis too.

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