The Figment…Why Alex Rodriguez Will Not Break The Home Run Record

by 6 years ago

​Again, Alex Rodriguez was up at the plate last night–in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and down by one–and he struck out to pitcher Jim Johnson of the Baltimore Orioles. 

The series is now tied at one-game a piece.

However, this an article about why the Yankees have not seen the figment A-Rod that they saw from 2001-2003 in Texas. 

There is no doubt that A-Rod is a great third-baseman. Originally, he was a short-stop that moved over to third for the New York Yankees, and he has since played tremendous defense, even though he has never won a Gold Glove for it (He won two as a Short-Stop with the Rangers in 2002, 2003).

However, when it comes to HRs, the Yankees have only seen a glimpse of what his power swing has. In 2005, he hit 48 home runs, and in 2007 he hit 54 home runs. Surely, he was on pace to break Barry Bonds’ record of 762 home runs (not sure if there should be an * by that number). But after his February 2009 announcement that he tested positive for HGH (Human Growth Hormones), his numbers have really slumped: 16 HRs (2011) and 18 HRs (2012). 

While Rodriguez claims that he has been clean and off PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) since he arrived with the New York Yankees back in 2004, the Yankees never really got what they paid for. 

The Yankees chose to pay him 33 million dollars a year, 226,000 dollars per game, 59,000 dollars per at bat because, they thought he could be a power hitter on offense that would strike fear in every pitcher’s pitch, and…bring the all-time home run record back to the pin-stripes. 

But A-Rod’s use of steroids only allowed the Yankees to see a mirage: 52 home runs in 2001 and 57 home runs in 2002, and 47 in 2003. 

Currently, A-Rod is stuck at 647 home runs, and has five years left on his contract with the New York Yankees. I think it’s safe to say that Alex Rodriguez will not hit 763 home runs, and the Yankees wasted $247,389,252 on, so far, one world series championship…and a lot of let downs.  

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