The Rock Finally Explained Why He Oversold The Hell Out Of Every Stone Cold Stunner He Took

by 1 year ago

FINALLY, The Rock…has come clean…about why he flopped like a fish out of water after every single Stunner he took (and there were many) from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin over the years in the WWE.

Turns out the story behind The Rock selling the crap of Steve Austin’s Stunners is about as ridiculous as the story of how The Rock came up with his signature move “The People’s Elbow.”

The reason he finally came clean has to do with the fact that his Baywatch co-star Hannibal Buress brought it up on his show, even showing a bunch of clips of just how insane The Rock’s reaction was to all those stunners.

Buress isn’t not joking about how crazy some of The Rock’s flops were. This is one of my all time faves…

Apparently The Rock got wind of Burress’ comments and fired off a tweet to settle once and for all why he oversold Austin’s Stunner…

Beer. Of course it was beer. For proof here’s one time when even after being stunned (with yet another amazing flop sell job by The Rock) the two of them shared a couple of cold ones.

Man, those were the days.

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