8 Blown Calls in Sports History that Might Be Worse Than the Seahawks-Packers Disaster

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A lot of people are throwing around the phrase “worst call ever” in regards to the Seattle Seahawks’ tainted victory over the Green Bay Packers. In the interest of accuracy and curtailing hyperbole, here are a few other atrocious calls in sports history.

Prepare to be amazed – and disgusted.

Soviets get extra time to beat U.S. in Olympic Basketball final, 1972

Blow factor: 9. Considering the political implications, this was a biggie. Doug Collins never recovered.

Jim Joyce robs Armando Galarraga of perfect game, 2010

Blow Factor: 8. The subsequent sportsmanship displayed by the Detroit Tigers pitcher softened this a little. Plus, Joyce went on to save a woman’s life. That’s got to count for something.

Colorado gets fifth down to beat Missouri, 1990

Blow factor: 5. Allowed the Buffs to win the national title, but, hey, counting is hard!

Don Denkinger’s World Series gaffe, 1985

Blow factor: 10. Was the damn World Series. Doesn’t get any bigger than that.{pagebreak}

Steelers-Lions coin flip fiasco, 1998

Blow factor: 7. Hilarious. Plus, it happened to the Steelers. Hard to feel empathy for them, amirite?

Todd Helton’s neighborhood play, 2012

Blow factor: 10. Should have been a career-ender. It’s baseball, though, so nothing of consequence happened.

Jeffery Maier helps Derek Jeter homer, 1996

Blow factor: 10. Highest score possible awarded because the umpire’s ONLY job that game was to patrol the right-field line. That’s not even really a job.

Maradona’s “Hand of God,” 1986

Blow factor: 9. It gets a small pass because it spawned a terrific nickname. Don’t bring it up in England, though. There will be a real donnybrook.

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