Bookmaker Releases Odds of Who Tiger Woods Will Hire Next Now That He’s Canned Sean Foley


Sean “14.5%” Foley is out the door in TigerTown. Why is his nickname now “14.5%,” you ask? Because that was Tiger Woods’ winning percentage as a Sean Foley pupil. If you’re wondering, Woods won 26% of the time with Butch Harmon (including 8 majors) and 31% of the time while he was with Hank Haney (including 6 majors.) Does this mean Sean Foley is a failure? 100%! (Kidding, I’m sure Foley’s a dynamite teacher, he just got a hold of Tiger while Tiger was trying to get a hold of his entire life. Also, right when his body started failing him more than his golf game.)

Anyway, an Irish bookmaker just set the odds of who will be Tiger’s next swing coach. There are a few interesting choices to say the least.



Here are Tiger’s swings with Butch, Hank and Sean. All of them still look light years better than mine.


[Top image via Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports]


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