Tom Savage’s Post-Game Press Conference Only Lasted About Two Seconds, Because No One Showed Up

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tom savage post game press conference

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Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage had himself a bit of a rough night on Monday. And I am not talking about the fact that he threw two interceptions and lost a fumble in the Texans’ 23-16 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

I am talking about the fact that after the loss when he went into the press room for his post-game press conference there was literally no one there to ask him any questions.

To put it into perspective, this nail-in-the-coffin pick thrown by Savage late in the game lasted WAY longer than his presser afterwards…

In fact, the only person to ask a question after Savage stepped up to the podium was…himself.

Awesome. I guess that’s one way to get out of having to answer any tough questions, huh?

Turns out that Savage did actually end up talking to the media when he went back to the locker room because, well, that’s where they all were apparently.

Man, remember back in week one of the season when Texans coach Bill O’Brien decided that going with Savage over rookie Deshaun Watson was going to be his play? Savage now has five picks to go with four touchdowns on the season.

”They weren’t all his fault, but the interceptions, we have to do a better job there,” O’Brien said after the game.

Small consolation, I’m sure.

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