NCAA Hockey Player Gets Knocked Into Another Decade By This Brutal Open-Ice Hit

In case you were looking for someone on ice skates getting their head taken off, you’ve come to the right place.

Video showing new angles of the brutal open-ice impact between Wisconsin Badger Eddie Wittchow and Minnesota Golden Gopher Tommy Novak during last Saturday’s game has surfaced, and it is almost hard to watch. Unless you love huge hockey hits. Then you can play this one on repeat endlessly.


That is why you never skate with your head down, folks. Poor Tommy Novak had no idea where he even was post-impact.

Lucky for him, his Golden Gophers did stomp the Badgers 9-2, but damn there’s no way the 85th overall pick by the Nashville Predators in the third round of last year’s NHL Entry Draft still isn’t fighting a headache.

[h/t @HockeyWebCast]