These Surfer Bros Having Fireworks Fights While Jumping On The Trampoline Is Worth PPV Money

by 2 years ago

I’ll kick this off with a very BOLD disclaimer of ‘do not try this at home’. Just because I’m going to rant about how I can’t wait to do this myself it doesn’t mean I’m encouraging you bros to get out there and shoot each other with fireworks. I don’t want one of you taking a flaming Roman Candle ball to the groin and suing me because you went sterile from the damage. Just don’t do it…Also, there are two videos in this post. There’s the one above and another below, so make sure to watch them both!

As for me, well, I’m currently writing up this article while sitting on the porch of a house in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina and thinking about how I cannot wait to get to the nearest fireworks store. I’m sure you bros know that South Carolina has some of the best fireworks stores in the nation, and with the 4th of July just around the corner and a new revelation of trampoline fireworks fights existing, I think I need to drop a couple of Benjamins at the fireworks store ASAP.

Second video:

Also, I’m breaking my typical rule of only posting YouTube videos that are a week old (at most) with this but I’m doing it for good reason. The world needs to know that trampoline fireworks fights exist. If I’d seen these videos from the JOOGSQUAD YouTube channel I’d have shared them with you bros last Summer, but I missed them, and I’m making up for lost time now.