Trampoline Triple Backflip Attempt Fails SO HARD And It’s A Miracle This Kid Walked It Off

Hey, look guys! I’m about to do a sweet triple backflip on my trampoline aaaannnnndddd I’M DEAD! Sorry to break it to you, but not even the trampoline cage was saving you from this one, kid.

Really appreciate the inspiration and balls it takes to go for it and lay it all on the line in the name of #extreme, but you execution here, little bro…that could use a little bit of work.

Two takeaways here. First, this kid is so lucky to not have seriously hurt or paralyzed himself here. No denying that crash landing was absolutely horrific. Second, get this kid in a real gym ASAP. Yeah, maybe he needs to work on his triple back flip a little more, but clearly he’s got some pretty decent trampoline skills if he’s even attempting the trifecta. Nail that down and start winning gold medals and shit!

[h/t Barstool Sports]