Best Bets For Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 2: How Will The Fight End, Will It Go The Distance?

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This Saturday we will see one of the most anticipated fights in recent memory, especially in the heavyweight division, the rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

This is a rematch of a fight from December 2018, that ended in a controversial split decision. There had been calls for an immediate rematch at that time but became difficult when Fury signed contracts with ESPN and Top Rank. This fight is a cross-promotion of ESPN and Fox Sports

Wilder’s last fight was his rematch against Luis Ortiz where he won with a seventh-round knockout.

Fury’s last fight was not in a boxing ring, but a wrestling ring. He took on WWE Superstar Braun Stroman at Crown Jewel in October 2019. His last boxing match was in September 2019 against Otto Wallin where he won by unanimous decision.

Going into this fight Fury had made some major changes; he replaced Ben Davidson with Sugar Hill Steward and he was spending a lot of time alone.

Fury has also been the big talker leading up to this fight saying that Wilder is “nervous,” and he “has nothing to worry about.”

In the article released earlier this week, we gave you a preview of the upcoming bout and picked a winner. This is where we get a little more in-depth.

Will this fight go all the way?

Of course, with the last fight and what led it to be controversial was that it went the 12 rounds and ended with a draw. Even after Wilder knocked Fury down twice.

For the rematch, Vegas has the odds of this fight not going the distance at -138, while the fight going a full 12 rounds is a severe underdog at +138.

Wilder has a 95% knockout ratio, which the best of all-time amongst heavyweights. With Fury hiring Steward as his new trainer, a more offensive-minded coach, he also doesn’t want this fight going the distance.

Best Bet: Doesn’t go the distance


The over/under of how long this fight will last has been set at 10.5 rounds. The over is set at -110 while the under is -125. Of all of Wilder’s knockouts, only one has gone past the 10th round, all of Fury’s knockouts have been before the 10th round.

Best Bet: Under

How Will This Fight End?

All the odds are set from a decision on the card, to how each fighter will win and in what round they will win. The best odds are set for Wilder to win by KO, TKO or DQ at +138, while most unlikely is Fury winning in the 12th round at +10,000.

Wilder is going to come in with the same game plan as always; punch hard and knock him out. Fury, who is the better strategic boxer, might have changed his game plan from the previous fight. His new training method seems to indicate he wants to go on the offense and put Wilder down on the canvas.

Important to know that Fury received a big cut under his right eye during the Gallin fight. If Wilder can reopen that cut, it could be a game-changer.

Best Bet: Wilder via KO, TKO