Watching A UFC Fighter Teach Porn Stars MMA Gives New Meaning To The Term ‘Ground And Pound’

by 1 year ago

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Not sure why this video is actually a “thing,” but here we are and I simply had to share it with you, my peeps.

What you are about to see here is UFC welterweight Lorenz Larkin, aka “The Monsoon,” teaching porn stars Nikki Benz and Britney Amber a little bit about the fine art of MMA.

Why? Why not.

Anyhoo, here are a few of the highlights…

Here’s the part where Nikki Benz says she likes to be choked while fucking, but then realizes that is inappropriate for this video.


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This is the part where Nikki talks about her boobs possibly being too big for a hold.


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And here’s the part where Nikki straddles Britney Amber and well, anyway…


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The video’s description says, “Nikki Benz and Britney Amber gear up for MMA 101 courses from the one and only, Lorenz Larkin (a.k.a Da Monsoon). First up, striking.” So I guess that means there will be more of these? I can’t wait for when he teaches them how to do a rear naked choke.

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