This 9-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl May Be The Next Ronda Rousey (2015 Version)

Name: Kira Makognonenko. Age: 9. Country: Ukraine. Occupation: Third Grade Destroying Human Beings.

When I find a woman who won’t shudder at the thought of having my child, I’m going to raise that little bastard unconventionally. The mantra: Be the best at one thing. What that is is up for discussion, but the paradox of choice is killing a generation. Most of us go to liberal arts schools so we can learn a little bit of everything, but never really get good at anything. Not my kid. I’m going the Andre Agassi route. Agassi’s dad was so dead set on his son becoming a professional tennis player that instead of little horses and his mobile above his crib, he attached tennis balls. And by the age of 25, his son was the number one player in the world on the cusp of marrying Brook Shields. So what if his upbringing may have been the sole contributor to Andre picking up a meth addiction, he was a winner. A WINNER I TELL YA!

This 9-year-old Ukrainian girl’s parents are hooked on that same recipe for success. And we may be looking at the next 2015 Ronda Rousey.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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