UMass Football Coach Brings in Police Officers to Serve Players—With Scholarships

by 8 years ago

Last week, as head coach Charley Molnar held a team meeting, (presumably after spending the night acting out this scene from “The Waterboy”) two police officers strolled up and announced they had “paperwork” for players Robert O'Connor and Daniel Maynes. Both approached the two officers with more than a little apprehension and Coach Molnar, to his credit, looked shocked as to why the meeting was being interrupted.

But in a moment straight out of a Disney flick, the two players opened up the packets and found not summons or subpoenas, but athletic scholarships. Both were walk-ons who had been previously paying their way through school. Nice going, coach.

Maynes said that he was essentially racking his brain to think of any previous crimes, while Molnar worked hard to keep a poker face. From 7News Boston:

“I was thinking, I don’t know what I did wrong because I’ve been at camp for the last month. I’m not a part of any organized crime syndicate,” said Maynes.

“I knew I had to act stunned. I have eight kids, and it’s kind of like on Christmas, you buy the gifts and you wrap them and then when you open them up you are so surprised with them when they open them up. It was kind of the same thing,” said Molnar.


Good vibes all around. (But wait, did he say eight kids?)

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