University Of Miami To Rock Sickest All Black Uniforms We’ve Ever Seen For Military Appreciation Day

by 3 years ago


In terms of dog shit team/university colors, the University of Miami is right up there with some of the worst. I don’t know what the school was thinking when they came up with the usual color scheme. Green and orange go together about as well as whisky and erections. Just a dreadful combination.

For the record, I am allowed to take a violent shit on The U’s colors because I am a proud alum of the school (that’s the rule: you pay well over $100K to go there, you get all the hot takes you want). Doesn’t mean I don’t love Coral Gables or the university any less, just means I have fantastic taste and whatever monster dreamt up our color scheme does not. Also, while I’m on the shitter, letting it all out,  fuck whoever chose to move our football stadium 1,000 miles away from campus. Great decision, idiot. No wonder top recruits chose to go elsewhere. I hate you.

Enough with the negativity, because 1) we fired that frumpy fuckbag Al Golden, B) THE RETURN against Duke, which was totally clean and devoid of penalties and questionable calls, happened this weekend and 3) we have hot new uniforms for Military Appreciation Day! The U is on the up-and-fucking-up, baby!

Funny (and incredibly sad) how just a decade ago, The U winning a game against Duke was like winning a football game against a Pop Warner team.

Ah well, look at these slick Adidas uniforms the team will be sporting in honor of Military Appreciation Day and continue to pray that the Decade of Suck at The U will hopefully soon be over.





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