Usain Bolt Reportedly Took Two Women Back To His Hotel Room Just A Few Nights After Allegedly Cheating On His Girlfriend In Rio

Usain Bolt is on a rampage right now. Bolt has left Rio where he allegedly hooked up with a 20-year-old college student and is now in London partying it up while his poor girlfriend is at home in Jamaica waiting for him.

According to the Daily Mail, Bolt brought back two women he met a nightclub in London to his hotel room at 5:45 am.

via DailyMail

Two of the women Usain Bolt partied with in a nightclub and hotel on that night until around 5.45am in central London have been named – and said the sprint legend was in the mood to party.

According to The Sun Soumia Ghouini, 24, from Peckham in south east London, and Cherelle Patterson, 26, from Crystal Palace in south London, were two of the women partying with the athlete who had just turned 30 and returned from Rio.

Miss Ghouini told The Sun: ‘At the club he got up and started rapping. I think he was just joking around because he knew the DJ.
‘At the end of the night a friend of ours said that he was having an after-party so we all just jumped in the taxi. There were lots of women in the cab.

‘He was carrying on the party because the club ended and he wasn’t ready to finish. We got in the lift with Bolt and went up into the room. He was having a great time.

Bolt is a legend on and off the track at this point.