The Ending to Saturday’s Utah vs. BYU Game Was a Wee Bit Dramatic

by 8 years ago

September 15th, 2012 will go down in college football lore as the day the field stormers cried wolf. Ute fans decided to celebrate their win against BYU by invading the field not once, not twice, but three times. Of course, it was the third time that proved to the ultimate rager, but just barely.

Storming 1: An incomplete pass appeared to end the game, but the refs ruled there was a second left on the clock. 

Storming 2: A game-tying FG attempt was blocked, but fans decide to caause mayhem by storming onto the field before the ensuing rush-back attempt was over. The play thus couldn't be ruled dead, and Utah was charged a 15 yard penalty. 

Storming 3: Now only 36 yards out, BYU's final field goal attempt clunks off the post, finally giving Utah a real reason to celebrate. 

Overall, one of the more wackier and more exciting finishes in the past decade, if not more. More proof that Saturdays are in fact, magical.  

[H/T: SportsGrid]


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