These Two Crazy Parlay Bets Are Proof That A Higher Power Exists And They Love Gambling

by 5 months ago

If you root for ‘Team Chaos’ in College Football then you had one heck of a weekend. #2 ranked Clemson lost to an unranked Syracuse. #8 ranked Washington State lost to an unranked Cal. 5th ranked Washington lost to Arizona State. 10th ranked Auburn lost to an unranked LSU. And that’s just the upsets in the top 10 in college football.

What does this mean for the College Football Playoffs? Well, IDGAF. I’m here to talk about gambling. Whenever there are huge upsets in any sport it means that a lot of people lost A LOT of money…It also often means that a handful of people got lucky as hell and won big. Such was the case last weekend when two ridiculous parlay bets hit. One was a 2-leg parlay for only $20 that paid out a TON, and the other was a 3-leg soccer parlay for $10 that made some dude a relative fortune.

If you don’t see this as proof that some higher power exists AND that they love gambling then I think you’re blind to the truth. It’s unfathomable that two people could get this lucky in the same weekend:


There is A LOT of action to be had in tomorrow’s Champion’s League soccer games. I plan on throwing down a few $$$ on some parlays. If you’ve got any insight and/or want me to help you make a decision on tomorrow’s games you can hit me on Twitter at @casspa.

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