VIDEO: Basketball in Greece is Intense

by 9 years ago

Do soccer fans just casually bring flairs (sic) to games? i cant imagine sitting at an NFL game thinking “Damn i really should’ve brought my flairs.” WTF is wrong with these people? Almost every soccer riot you see involves like six flairs going off in crowds of people.

Touche, Quailman. Touche. In Greece, however, fans not only bring flares to soccer games, but also basketball games, as demonstrated in this clip from Panathinaikos BC's 78-67 victory over Barcelona last Thursday. In terms of fan pride, the scene looks nothing like last year's NBA Finals or last night's yawn-fest of a Championship game, both of which, on paper, should be the pinnacle of basketball fanaticism in America. In fact, the atmosphere doesn't look like a basketball game at all, but rather an intense and very bloodthirsty scene from an ancient gladiator vs. lions cage match in the Colosseum. The gods must be hungry. Hopefully no wars get fought over this.