Video Of Charles Sly Accusing Peyton Manning Of Using HGH Is Released And This Seems Bad For Manning

by 3 years ago

“Holy shit, this isn’t good” – Peyton Manning’s new Nationwide commercial, probably.

This whole Peyton Manning HGH fiasco is looking worse and worse by the day for the future Hall of Famer. For starters, I’m sure there is a medical reason why his wife could or would need to take HGH, but we’ve seen this exact “It not mine, it’s my wife’s” scenario play out before. Again, maybe she does need HGH for something, but that “something” sure could be trying to help save her husband Peyton’s career.

Secondly, in the video above that Al Jazeera released yesterday, Charles Sly doesn’t conduct himself like a guy who is trying to intentionally fuck with a guy he believes is an undercover reporter. You would have to have NO LIFE to spend 27 hours — over the course of 12 days — with someone who you know is trying to extract damning information from you just to fuck with them. That is next level trolling, and it doesn’t seem like Chuckles Sly is capable of such things.

Whatever happens from here on out, you can bet your ass that Peyton Manning is all like…

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