VIDEO: Roger Federer Trick Shot—Real or Fake?

by 9 years ago

Somehow we missed this Roger Federer trick shot video last week. Our bad. Although it's nine days old and has received over 5,000,000 YouTube views, we'd be remiss not to share it. Apparently the clip has raised eyebrows, sparking an online debate about the legitimacy of the shot, especially because it was part of a Gillette commercial shoot in Switzerland. Social media blog Mashable reached out to a Gillette spokesperson, who skirted around the skeptical inquiry with a coy response. “All we’ll say at the moment is we’ll leave the ‘real or fake’ debate up to the viewers, but the evidence is there to see. Roger’s skill and ability is incredible…” Federer didn't answer the question either, telling New York Times' Straight Sets blog, “Well, there’s a lot of debate at the moment, you know. You know how it is with magicians. They don’t tell how their tricks work, you know.” If it's real, we're amazed. If it's fake, bravo Gillette and Federer for grabbing our attention with a spectacular viral ad before the US Open. Extra props for doing it in a suit and not blinding a man for life. Watch the video below and sound off whether you think it's real or fake in the comments. 

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