Watch These Bros Save A Shark Off The Coast Of Florida From Poachers

You’re a sad, sick waste of oxygen if you get your jollys from poaching sharks. This group of Good Samaritans in Jupiter, Florida found a shark struggling on a poacher’s bouy line. So they freed the poor thing. Here’s their story.

Every time we’re out on the water we pick up trash. We saw something in the water we thought was trash and it turned out to be a float. The float was going south, against the current, so we new something was on the line swimming. We pulled the the steel cable in by hand for about 30 minutes. Pulling up hundreds of yards of line. As soon as we saw the shark we tied it off to cut her loose. As we’re about to get in a commercial fishing boat pulls up saying this is their long line rig and what not, we asked to cut the shark loose, a sandbar shark, which they are not allowed to keep unless they have a research permit from NOAA. They obviously didn’t have that permit and let us cut the shark free. We wanted to remove the hook but it was way too big for our hook remover. We wonder how many sharks were on the rest of the line, if we had a scuba tank with us we would have checked the rest of the line.

That’s your Bro move of the day.