One Bettor Lost $540K On The Bears And Another Won $192K On The Jags In Our NFL Week 7 Betting Recap

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Week 7 of the 2019 NFL Season is almost wrapped up with Monday Night Football‘s result a foregone conclusion. The undefeated (6-0) Patriots are a 9.5-point favorite against the Jets (1-4) with Sam Darnold back.

The Pats have won 7 in a row against the Jets and 15 of the last 17. Really, the only question is how much the Patriots will win by with an over/under set at 43.5 points but it’s hard to imagine a world where the Patriots don’t win given how their D/ST has taken over games lately.

But we’re here to take a look back at Sunday’s games and where the action was. The biggest loser of the day was one bettor who wagered a total of $540,000 on the Chicago Bears. He put $230,000 on the Bears’ money line (-230) to win $100,000. He also bet $185,000 at -240 and $125,000 at -250 for the cumulative $540K.

As I’m sure you know by now, the New Orleans Saints walked into Chicago and dismantled the Bears. The scoreline (36-25) doesn’t reflect how badly the Bears got beaten because Chicago really waited until the final 15 minutes of the game to start scoring.

Elsewhere, one bettor lost a parlay in one of the most painful ways I’ve seen in months. He put $150 down for a ticket that would’ve paid out $58,217. The first 9 legs hit and all that was left was the Chargers moneyline (+130). The Chargers lost to the saints 20-23 after two overturned Melvin Gordon touchdowns and a late fumble handed Tennessee the game.

Here’s what the ticket looked like:

Another sad loser on Sunday was a bettor who wagered $130,000 to win $20,000 on the Bills’ first half against the Dolphins. The Bills eventually won the game by putting up 22 points in the 4th quarter but the Dolphins were leading 14-9 at the half and that bettor lost $130,000.

The two most popular bets of Sunday failed to cover:

Who won big in NFL’s Week 7? A dude who believed in the Jaguars but had to sweat it out a little.

According to Action Network, one bettor put $300,000 on the Jaguars to win (-2) over the Bengals and that paid him $192,000.

This wasn’t a tiny bet at all:

This was the same bettor but earlier in the day:

This isn’t NFL-related but this was actually my favorite betting tweet of the weekend. This dude put $350 on an Astros-Nationals World Series (30/1) back in March which just paid out $10,500.

For more of yesterday’s NFL Week 7 betting action, including where most of the money was spent, you can click here to head on over to the Action Network‘s roundup.

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