Which Running Back Should Go First in Your Fantasy Draft?

by 9 years ago

Early-bird Fantasy Football drafts are beginning this week, which means it's time to dust off your NFL jerseys, start highlighting your copies of Sporting News, and begin prepping for the most important 16 rounds of the 2010 calendar year. There are tons of fantasy experts out there, and we won't begin to start spewing numbers at you. Instead, over the new two weeks, we're going to rely on the wisdom of the crowds and ask you guys to weigh in with your draft strategies, picks, misses, and more. We'll start with running backs, since those are perpetually the top pick of every draft, whether snake or auction. We posed this question on Twitter last week and got some varied responses, so we'll post it now to all of you: Between Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Ray Rice, who would you draft with the number 1 pick if you drew the golden ticket? Does Thomas Jones even deserve consideration? Sound Off in the comments.