Will Today Be Sweet For The Favorites Left In the NCAA Tournament?

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 BYU vs. Florida (7:27 p.m.)

These two teams faced off in the first round last year and Florida could not stop The Jimmer.  The Gators didn't survive that game, and now they know The Jimmer is playing at an even higher level this year. The obvious question is who is going to guard him and Florida will probably try to throw a few different options at him. The best idea might be Chandler Parsons since he moves like a guard, but has the length of a power forward. I'm not sure Kenny Boynton has the determination to put up the strongest effort, plus his ankle might not be 100% from the injury last weekend. If Florida can find a way to contain The Jimmer, they'll have a major advantage in the frontcourt and hopefully Erving Walker can run the ship as effectively as he has in the last two weeks.

Duke vs. Arizona (9:45 p.m.)

Both teams survived an extremely close game in the last round to advance to this game.  Arizona is a solid team with one of the best players in the country, but their geographic location has kept them out of sight for most of the season.  I’d like to congratulate them on their effort and thank them for making it this far, but it’s time for them to go home.  Duke will have had a couple more days to implement Kyrie Irving back into the mix and have a superior talent advantage at every position other than power forward.  Unlike against Texas, Arizona’s Sean Miller won’t have a coaching advantage against Coach K, so Duke should prevail based on all their strengths.

Butler vs. Wisconsin (9:57 p.m.)

While some may choose to focus on the fouls at the end of Butler’s last game, the Bulldogs had that game won before all that nonsense went down and deserve to be in the Sweet 16.  Wisconsin has fought back from a rough end to the season and likely has made people forget about their 33-point performance in the Big Ten tournament.  It’s really a tough match-up to figure out because neither team seems to have an advantage over the other at any position and both teams have experience.  I’d give the slight edge to Wisconsin because they’re offensive efficiency numbers this year are quite exceptional and they’ve been doing it against better competition.

Vegas Best Bets (since AG is out there)

Florida (-3) over BYU
San Diego State (+1) over Connecticut

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