Wimbledon’s New Quiet Rooms Being Hijacked By Couples Looking For A Little Doubles Action

Wimbledons New Quiet Room Being Used By Couples For Sexual Encounters

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  • Wimbledon’s new quiet rooms are meant to be a “retreat for a moment of private meditation, prayer or reflection.”
  • However, the rooms are occasionally not being used for their intended purpose by fans.
  • Instead, horny couples are using them as a special place to get intimate.

According to this year’s Wimbledon’s access guide, “Located in the Southern Village, the Quiet Room is a space where guests can retreat for a moment of private meditation, prayer or reflection or simply to escape the crowds around the Grounds.”

However, since people are gonna people, the new Wimbledon Quiet Rooms are instead being used by horny couples looking to have sex, reports The Sun.

The Quiet Rooms, which can be marked “engaged” but do not lock, have been the scene of multiple sexual encounters during the tournament.

After one couple was seen exiting one of the Quiet Rooms, one witness told The Sun, “Everyone around them was joking with them. There was no doubt what they had been up to.”

Another Wimbledon fan said he had heard a couple kissing in the Quiet Room next to his while he was trying to use a room for a period of quiet reflection.

The Guardian has received similar reports with one spectator saying he saw a man and a woman leaving the room with “big grins” on their faces. (Good luck trying that at the World Cup!)

Wimbledon’s new Quiet Rooms are being used by couples looking to get a little action

A Wimbledon staffer told the Guardian, “I think it’s supposed to be for people wanting a five-minute break. I think it’s a good thing, I’ve seen elderly people going in there to take a break from the sun, people going in to pray, and mothers who want to breastfeed in private.

“But who knows if people are using it for the – not the mile high club – but the Wimbledon high club.

“I’m not sure how you would police it and make sure it’s used for the reasons it’s intended.”

Apparently, the area around Wimbledon is a hot spot for people looking to satisfy their carnal desires.

In nearby Wimbledon Park, more than one person posted a plea to visitors asking them to refrain from getting jiggy in the park.

“Game Sex and Match NO THANKS,” one notice read. “Visiting tennis fans please respect our park and woodland. Anti-social behaviour such as drugs, booze and sex parties will not be tolerated. Police patrol this area regularly and you have been warned. Thanks for your consideration. Enjoy the tennis!”

“Dear tennis fans and visitors to our local park in Wimbledon, please respect our area and woodland over the next two weeks,” read another sign. “We politely ask: No BBQs, no littering, no sex and drug parties in the woods. The police will be patrolling this area and car park because of previous anti-social behavior during Wimbledon fortnight so you have been warned.”

One area resident told the Daily Star that “during Wimbledon fortnight, especially if the weather gets hot, people get carried away and pop into the woods.”

He added, “Hopefully, the police will step up their patrols this year and kick out anyone they catch wanting a love match.”