A Woman Lost $250K At The Kentucky Derby After The Lead Horse Was Disqualified And She Didn’t Even Place A Bet

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This was by far the weirdest Kentucky Derby that I can remember, that anyone can remember. The horse that crossed the finish line first, Maximum Security, was disqualified. This handed the win to Country House, a horse that was a 65-to-1 longshot going into the race.

Theresa Boissiere from Ohio was making her first trip back to Churchill Downs in 40 years and she had A LOT riding on the race despite the fact that she didn’t even place a bet. She had won a spot in a contest from Rocket Mortgage. 20 winners each got an all expenses paid trip to the Kentucky Derby, each trip was valued at $8,450 according to the Action Network.

Once she was at the Kentucky Derby as one of the 20 contest winners she was then handed a number, all of the winners were handed a number. That number corresponded to a horse in the race and if that horse won the Kentucky Derby she’d receive a $250,000 grand prize which could be spent on a mortgage or it could be used on anything else.

Even though it was Rocket Mortgage giving away the grand prize it didn’t have to be spent on a mortgage, it could be spent on anything. That $250K grand prize came out to around $186,000 after taxes and I think you can see where this is going….

She pulled #7 which was the number for Maximum Security:

When the winners arrived on Thursday, they were assigned numbers that corresponded to horses. Boissiere got No. 7.
She called up her mother, Maxine Stableton, a sports fan at 90 years old, and she told her daughter than the horse with her initials (MS) was a good one.

She watched the Derby from the finish line.
“All of us were standing together,” Boissiere told The Action Network. “I was screaming when I won and I called my mom and told her.”
A few minutes later, word of the protest got around to Boissiere.

“I thought it was a photo finish or something,” she said.
It, of course, wasn’t. For the first time, in the 145-year history of the Kentucky Derby, a winner was taken down.
“I looked at the board and saw that the 7 was gone,” Boissiere said. “Like not in second, third or fourth. Just blasted off the board.” (via)

This isn’t like those people who spent $$$ on tickets, thought they’d won, and then were left devastated after the results were finalized. She was basically handed a chip that said ‘if this horse wins you get $250K’ and that horse crossed the finish line first…but didn’t win.

If that isn’t one of the worst bad beats in the history of sports gambling then I don’t know what is because I cannot think of anything that might top it.

According to Rovell’s report on the Action Network, she says she’s not upset because she still won a great all expenses paid trip to the Kentucky Derby, a trip she wouldn’t have taken otherwise.