Women Aren’t Especially Great at Riding Motorcycles

by 7 years ago

Did the X Games run out of competitors and just start pulling people from the stands? This video was not a compilation of follies and bloopers from an entire year, this all took place in one fateful night. All that was missing was the wacky Benny Hill music to complete this blooper reel, but don't worry you can see that here.

Women’s Moto X Enduro was introduced this year at the X-Games and it looks like it's an instant success. More than half the seven racers fell off their motorcycles at some point in the six-lap race. Some of the women fell off multiple times. Can someone tell these female “racers” that falling on your knees does not get you bonus points.

One talented girl managed to achieve the impossible, Maria Forsberg stayed on her bike throughout the course. Congratulations Maria, you are a true champion amongst champions and for that you were awarded a gold medal. Now can you please go make me a bologna sandwich?

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