You Won’t Believe How Much Some Dude Won Off Of A $2, 11-Leg Parlay

by 5 years ago

Stories of lucky assholes winning a bunch of money on minimal sports bet pop up all the fucking time, but this one got my attention for a few reasons.

1. I’m terrible at gambling. No joke, for someone who thinks he knows a shitload about sports, I lose all my money anytime I confidently toss bills on a team or in a parlay.

2. I imagine this guy being drunk and reaching into his pocket for whatever he could grab, realizing he only had two singles left and deciding a last-ditch effort to win some cash would be worth an 11-leg parlay.

3. He actually fucking won, guys, taking shitty teams like the Niners on the road against the Bears and the Saints against the undefeated Panthers to cover the spread.

Seeing as how this homey makes it look so easy winning, I think it’s time for me to throw my hat back into the ring and gamble, too—especially is the end result is this little golden ticket.

[H/T William Hill US Twitter]

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