Someone’s Pouring Steroids In Idaho Rivers Because This Record Trout Is A Complete Fucking Monster

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We’re living amidst an era where the age old ‘fishing tale’ is dying. From smart phones to GoPros, fishermen have no excuse for not carrying a camera these days. And thus they’re faced withe the dilemma of releasing that trophy catch of a lifetime, or pulling its plug and submitting it for world record consideration.

One man in Idaho was faced with this exact predicament when he reeled in a fuckin’ whopper of a rainbow trout. The fish weighed an astounding 28-POUNDS!!!! That’s a full EIGHT POUNDS more than the current Idaho state record.

But instead of tossing the fish in his icebox, Larry Warren released the catch of a lifetime to continue swimming in Idaho’s Clearwater River, which is clearly chock full of every type of steroid in the known universe. Rainbow trout simply SHOULD NOT be this big:

If that’s not the work of Vitamin-S then I’m not the single greatest source of fishing knowledge in the blogosphere (which I am, it’s not even close).

KTVB reports:

A giant rainbow trout was caught in the North Fork of the Clearwater River near Orofino last week.

But don’t worry it’s still swimming.

Larry Warren released the fish after weighing it in at more than 28 pounds. That’s eight pounds heavier than the state record.

But it won’t go in the record books because it was released.

Now that’s some in-depth analysis reminiscent of the New York Times right there!

The current all-tackle world record for rainbow trout is actually a relatively new world record. It was set in September of 2009 by angler Sean Konrad, and the fish was caught in Lake Diefenbaker, Canada.

So this begs the question: who wants to come with me on a fishing trip to Idaho this summer? We’ll break out the fly rods, maybe do a little spin fishing, but mostly make sure that we’re wearing belts with holsters to hold 6 beers at all time, and are on a constant slow-drip of IPA’s and great American wilderness….who’s with me? We can’t let the rainbow trout world record sit in the grasp of our neighbors to the north!

If you’re on board drop me a line in the comments and I’ll look into setting up a crowd-fund for us and I’ll blog the shit out of the whole trip.


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