Would You Watch ‘Space Jam 2,’ Starring LeBron James?

by 7 years ago

While this is only in the “dude, that would be sick, let's talk about it because we can” phase, it really only takes the right person stumbling across this to make it a reality. Not saying it's gonna happen, but not doing a “Space Jam” sequel sounds like it would make less money than doing a “Space Jam” sequel. After all, this is the creative vehicle $$$ machine known as Hollywood we're talking about. 

So, if LeBron was cast to star in “Space Jam 2,” who would play the Monstarz equivalents? Let's take a look, and asses modern-day NBA equivalents:

Monstarz Lineup (Original Movie):

  • Mugssy Bogues 
  • Larry Johnson
  • Shawn Bradley 
  • Patrick Ewing 
  • Charles Barkley 

Monstarz Lineup (Sequel)

  • Rajon Rondo: His freakish alien cred is higher than most, as his zany playing style could easily be construed as villainistic 
  • JJ Redick: A darkhorse, but his insertion as semi-joke could attract a small, but devoted crowd. Also would admirably fulfill the token white guy quota. 
  • Roy Hibbert: The closest thing to a doofy center in the NBA today.
  • Dwight Howard: A Hibbert/Howard frontcourt would up the “we're scary as f*ck” ante tenfold, as well as provide some solid humor.
  • JR Smith: Howard will have sapped up most of the budget, so we're left with a decently well known, but ultimately random baller looking for a real pay-day.  

Any noticeable snubs? Further thoughts? Comments, brah. 

[H/T: Bleacher Report]




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