Wrestling Ref Won’t Count Pin And It Leads To The Match Ending In A Way That’s Absolutely Never Happened Before

Japanese Wrestling Date Ending


After thirty years as a fan, I thought I’d seen it all in professional wrestling. I was wrong.

Japan’s DDT Pro (the “DDT” is short for “Dramatic Dream Team”) is the same promotion that gave the world Joey Ryan’s amazing penis moves. It’s now outdone itself with this insane finish to a recent match.

Yes, that’s right, the ref and the about-to-be-pinned wrestler had such a great day hanging out and eating ice cream the ref couldn’t POSSIBLY count his new bestie down for the count. Imagine being in the crowd as this all plays out on a giant screen while everyone in the ring just kind of hangs out and watches along.

That sure beats penis holds.

[via With Spandex]

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