The 11 Best Pullovers On Amazon To Keep You Warm

Best Pullovers On Amazon

It’s that time of year when you just want your liquor dark, your out-of- office on, and your outfit cozy as hell. And that’s where pullovers come in. Casual or refined based on the undershirt or bottoms you chose, this is a closet staple that comes in so many styles and patterns you can easily, instantly refresh your winter wardrobe without sacrificing style, comfort or the entirety of your holiday bonus.

We’ve selected a variety of the best pullovers on Amazon, where the thought process that comes down with ordering is boiled down into a single-click and delivered via the miracle that is two-day free Prime shipping. So, embrace the season, and look handsome AF while doing so.

Patagonia Snap-T Pullover

As large a part of the bro uniform as the sacred boat shoe or YETI cooler, the Patagonia pullover is the quintessential cold weather fleece that your girl will constantly try to steal. With a sweet retro vibe thanks to its snap collar and details, this looks just as good après ski or on your buddy’s couch watching football.



The North Face Quarter-Zip Pullover

You’ve probably been rocking this gem since high school because legends never die. Upgrade yours to a newer one that doesn’t smell like nearly a decade’s worth of old beer spills and honey mustard stains. We know it’ll be hard to part with your trusted companion, but you’ll change your mind as soon as you pull the new one on.



True Grit Quarter-Zip Pile Pullover

The ultimate winter layer that looks like freshly fallen snow (as opposed to the slush pile currently sitting in your driveway). Keep the magic of winter alive or whatever and rock an optimistic looking pile pullover that’s very family friendly around the holidays.



Amazon Essentials Quarter-Zip

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Wear this casually or with a work shirt and tie if you’re getting chilly on the way to the office. Ever sport a blazer over it for a more contemporary fashion-forward look that’s also warm as hell.



Wrangler Men’s Sweater Fleece Quarter-Zip

A quarter-zip sweater fleece that does its job without breaking the bank or dipping into your weekly bar tab allocation, this Wrangler option will go with all the bottoms you already have in your closet. You can never have enough quarter-zips and with an array of handsome colors it wouldn’t hurt to expand your sartorial winter arsenal to include several colors.



Charles River Crosswind Quarter-Zip

With a relaxed fit and a soft feel, this is a casual staple that doesn’t take a lot of brain power to see why it’s a good option for the weekend warrior on a budget. It’s got a look that’s as American as apple pie or finishing a keg in the woods.



Patagonia Men’s Better Sweater ¼ Zip Fleece

Ah, the better sweater quarter-zip, a trusted sartorial essential in any bro closet. Warm and undeniably handsome, this casual option is your weekend go-to or packing must-have when you’re jetting off to ski or at least pretend you have some inclination to hit the mountains. It’ll look just as good in Aspen as it will at the beach bonfire come spring.



Southern Marsh Appalachian Pile Sherpa Pullover

Ultra soft pile fleece that’s no stranger to freezing temperatures (and fireside Instagrams) will hopefully be waiting for you under the tree. If not, buy it yourself and this Southern Marsh option is so cozy it’s like you successfully conquered the teddy bear king and are wearing his pelt like a trophy.



White Sierra Sherpa Pullover

A Henley silhouette in super cozy fleece with snap closure is just what the doctor ordered for a casual cold weather outing. A snap chest pocket adds to its retro appeal, and at its price point you won’t feel bad about ordering two or three when you realize this is all you plan on wearing until March anyway.



Smith’s Workwear Sherpa Lined Sweater Fleece Pullover

Fuzzy on the inside and all business on the outside, this Sherpa lined pullover is like the mullet of mid layers. If you want the fuzzy feel without wearing the pile options, then this is the pullover for you.



Ugg Men’s Fuzzy Sherpa Pop-Over

As warm as it gets with a cool silhouette to boot, this henley pullover from UGG is a handsome layer that isn’t in peril of going out of style anytime soon. This can be accompanied by everything from a masterfully crafted old fashioned at the ski lodge to wayyyy too much fireball at the cousin’s annual holiday get together.



Southern Marsh Appalachian Peak Printed Pullover

The holiday season is all about being ostentatious. Lights everywhere, bright wrappings, enough food and booze to tempt even the most conservative of bros. And your outfit should match the lack of subtlety that comes with the season. Enter this printed pullover that has no qualms about taking the spotlight in the room.