11 Watches We Love That Cost Less Than $150

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best mens watches under 150

There is a common misconception that nice watches have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, which is very inaccurate. High-quality timepieces CAN cost a fortune but certainly don’t HAVE to be expensive.

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While Huckberry does an amazing job of curating a range of watch styles and prices, here are 11 timepieces that will have you looking and feeling a million bucks but only spending $150 or less.


mountain active rayseeker

Rugged yet refined, this watch is powered by the sun and ready for adventure. The Rayseeker is a sleek, modern watch designed for those active lifestyles and powered by the sun, making it the perfect companion for the outdoor enthusiast.

The Rayseeker Solar Powered Watch by Mountain Active:

BUY IT NOW: $143



lthr supply t1.1

Switzerland and Boston combine for LTHR Supply’s eye-catching T1.1, delivering an analog watch with an innovative numerical readout. Catch the attention of watch connoisseurs and the uninitiated alike with this unique timepiece. Its three rotating dials align beneath the watch’s “time window” to display a numerical readout like you’d see on a digital watch.

The T1.1 in smoke & alabaster with walnut by LTHR Supply:

BUY IT NOW: $120



Roue SSD 1

A streamlined cushion case that is lightweight and finished to perfection, a signature yellow-gold crystal gasket, a uniquely inspired dial that incorporates a multi-layered design for an eye-catching presentation. The Roue SSD 1 not only impresses for less but is comfortable on the wrist and ready for everyday wear.

The SSD 1 by Roue:

BUY IT NOW: $143



momentum watches torpedo blast 44 red

Momentum Watches not only assembles all of their watches by hand in their home base of Vancouver, they also push their timepieces to the limit, testing them by diving, cycling, wakeboarding, paddling, climbing, hiking and skiing through the wild and urban playgrounds of Canada alike. The Torpedo Blast is engineered for reliability at a price that won’t leave your wallet barren.

The Torpedo Blast 44 in black/red by Momentum Watches:




momentum watches torpedo blast 44 yellow

There may be no better example of Momentum’s ability to combine style and high-performance quality in a fair priced timepiece than the Torpedo Blast 44. Momentum’s Torpedo Blast 44 brings functionality and style together in the same manner of watches that cost 5x its price. In fact, Momentum’s Torpedo Blast 44 is so reliable and well built, it earned a spot on Outside Magazine’s 2017 Gear of the Year list.

The Torpedo Blast 44 in black/yellow by Momentum Watches:




Roue CAL 4

The CAL 4 is a great example of Roue’s ability to create a unique timepiece with influences of minimalist, classic European mechanics, and modern style. This timepiece was successfully built to look, perform, and feel like a high-end timepiece but without breaking the bank.

CAL 4 in silver/ black by Roue:

BUY IT NOW: $111



LTHR Supply T3

The T3 recalls retro watch design, especially the minimalist dress watch design of the 50s and 60s, but with a spin that makes it like no other. Rather than using hands to tell the time, the dials themselves rotate to align the current time in the date window where the 3 o’clock marker would typically be.

The T3 in smoke/alabaster/bourbon by LTHR Supply:

BUY IT NOW: $108



LTHR Supply T3

The designers at LTHR Supply went big, displaying a numerical readout (like a digital watch does) with classically precise Swiss and Japanese movements. And the end result is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The T3 in coal/bourbon by LTHR Supply:

BUY IT NOW: $121



LTHR Supply T3

LTHR Supply’s T3 features the patented disc dial concept in a slim profile and simple application. Drawing inspiration from minimalist dress watches popularized in the 60’s, the LTHR Supply T3 creates a retro look with two white rotating dials.

The T3 in smoke/alabaster/coal by LTHR Supply:

BUY IT NOW: $108



momentum watches flatline 42

With their heads down and noses to the grindstone since the early 80s, Momentum has consistently delivered a wide range of high quality sports watches to those in the know. You won’t find flashy advertising or slick marketing coming out of the Momentum camp: they prefer to sit back and assemble each watch by hand in their Vancouver facility and then let the timepieces speak for themselves, leaving the Momentum crew to relish in their status as one of Canada’s best-kept secrets.

The Flatline 42 by Momentum Watches:

BUY IT NOW: $143



form-function-form horween leather weekender chrono

The Timex Weekender with Chronograph. With the same dimensions as the updated Weekender 40, and the addition of a functioning chronograph, this is one handsome timepiece.

Timex Weekender Chrono x Form•Function•Form:

BUY IT NOW: $118


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