11 Style Essentials Before Hitting The Slopes For A Ski Trip This Winter


It’s cold, your car is most likely lodged under a foot of snow, and the only way you’ll willingly shovel it out. You know what that means… Either a ski trip or getting to work. While you’re probably dealing with the latter, we’re going to focus on the much more fun former option today.

Whether you’re the biggest advocate for hitting the slopes or more than happy to just look the part and stay behind in the cabin (you can’t let the beer and whiskey get lonely), we’ve got your ski and après ski essentials covered with a list of the best ski gear on Amazon.

The best part? This is the best ski gear on Amazon, where you likely already have the joy of free two-day Prime shipping. Order on Tuesday, have it delivered to your office on Thursday, and play hooky from work on Friday to shred freshies at Vermont or Vail.

Now go forth and conquer the slopes.


The North Face Men’s Gotham Jacket III

Bundle up in a jacket that won’t make you like the abominable snow virgin. This North Face option is sleek and keeps you warm, without the Canada Goose price tag. If you’re still shirking at the price remember, outerwear should be an investment piece. You’re going to be sporting this for many winters and Instagram-worthy ski outings to come. It’s better to buy one good jacket than several cheap ones, and this option comes with a lifetime warranty.



Compression Socks

If you’re serious about skiing or snowboarding, consider compression socks so you can actually walk after your lengthy, multiple run outings. Winter sports are not for the faint of heart, so rock some socks that complement your athletic endeavors. At the very least they’ll make you look cool.



Ski Chalet Socks

If you’re the type to just hang out in the ski cabin or want to change into something more fun after dominating the slopes, then these vintage-inspired ski chalet socks should do the trick. The five pack is pretty crucial so you can just throw a few in your bag and be that much closer to be done with drunk Thursday evening packing.



Vacuum Coffee Mug

Coffee is the stuff of life, and should be treated with the respect it deserves. Bring your cup of joe (…spiked or otherwise) up on the chairlift with an appropriately rugged vacuum mug that won’t disappoint the crew. We included the flask in our winter buying guide in case you’re gung-ho about grabbing the whole Stanley travel necessities family.



Nordic robe

Go full-blown Lebowski with an obnoxious robe you can down multiple White Russians in. Is it slightly too much in terms of everyday style? Yes. Are you, occasionally? Yes. So then, what’s the problem? This screams après ski like no other and signifies that you’re not one to be f*cked with.




After a long day of going up and down mountains, your feet deserve something warm and cozy that they’re not being forcibly strapped into. These slip on moccasins are plush, and have a hard enough sole you can run out to the car in them (in your obnoxious, aforementioned Pendleton robe) to grab another case of beer.



Shirt Jacket

A rugged shirt jacket with flannel lining is a prime ski cabin layer, and can do double duty off and on the mountain. Want more flannel shirt options? Then do we have the buying guide for you.



Ski Hat

Your mom always yelled at you when you went outside without a hat, so why not get one you’ll actually not have to be reminded to wear? Its retro vibe should fit any ski bum’s aesthetic, and will look just as good on the top of the mountain as it will in a dive bar.



Ski Goggles

If you’re going to wear goggles they should look cool, and this Oakley pair definitely brings the wow factor. They also have UV protection, so you don’t ruin your eyesight in the blinding white snow.



Snow Pants

It goes without saying that not wearing snow pants is a terrible idea. Remember the last time you shoveled in jeans? That freezing, slushy combination doesn’t look or feel good on anyone. Get some proper, insulated snow pants that won’t have you cursing Mother Nature.



Thermal Underwear

Ah, thermal underwear. With a waffle knit that ensures you stay warm and cozy underneath your other layers, this full body experience is not one to gloss over. Moisture wicking “prevents perspiration from accumulating on the skin” so your own body doesn’t betray you while you’re sliding down the mountain. Not in the mood to strap on your boots that day? They can also double as pajamas, or ‘I’m just going to stay in the room’ day drinking gear.



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